Urethane Filled Front Motor Mount
Filled the ripped front motor mount with 60A liquid urethane. There is a lot of vibration at idle in the cabin after. For a more stock feel I would recommend drilling holes through the urethane to isolate some vibration.
Used liquid urethane available from Energy Suspension Parts or McMaster-Carr. They both sell the one pound kit made by Forsch Polymer Corp.

Condition of the front motor mount. One rubber arm has completely torn

Forsch Polymer 60A liquid urethane kit

Includes premeasured cans of liquid base and activator, mixing stick, and chemical documentation

Cut off the ripped arm, sprayed down with brake cleaner, wiped clean with a shop towel. The proper procedure requires roughing the rubber with sandpaper or a wire wheel

Sealed one side of the mount with aluminum foil tape

Urethane mixed and poured. 60A urethane must be mixed at a ratio of 100 parts base to 10 parts activator

About an hour later the tape was removed and the urethane was left to finish curing

Installed. Unbolt slave cylinder, unfasten harnesses, use jack under the transmission to raise/lower the engine, wiggle the mount into place, and fasten

Vibration over wheel hop