Red Stitch Leather Shift Boot and Adapter
Install of $12 leather shift boot with red stitching pre cut for 02-06 RSX and $12 Honda 10x1.5mm shift boot adapter. eBay.

Pictures of shift boot. Cuts were not precise but it worked

Pictures of the inner liner

Pictures of shift boot adapter

Pictures of old center console garnish and cracking shift boot

Factory shift boot is stapled in

Remove staples using a flathead screwdrive and pliers. Be careful not to snap them if you want to reuse them

Staples removed

Pull out the old shift boot

Slide the new shift boot into the crevice between the silver trim and garnish

Use a screwdriver on the inside to carefully install the shift boot between the trim and garnish


Use a pick to put holes in the leather for the old staples. Use pliers to clamp down the staples

Shift boot installed

Now to install the garnish into the car

Unscrew shifter

Put the garnish first

Thread the shift boot adapter on

Pull the center console up over the boot adapter and zip tie the boot onto the indentation of the adapter

Clip the garnish back in and push the boot down


type-r stitching