Megan Racing C-Pillar Bar
Megan Racing part number SB-AR02PG and gunmetal in color. The bar and end links are threaded so it can be twisted after it's installed to change the preload.
The bar was preloaded inward and the car had a noticeable improvement in high speed rear stability/predictability after installation.

The C-pillar bar end link goes between the upper anchor bolt and bushing. A washer is needed underneath the end link to prevent the end link from being clamped over the plastic edges of the upper anchor. The washer needs to be 1/2" to fit the bottom lip of the upper anchor bolt; the end link by itself is not thick enough.

The construction order should be: upper anchor bolt -> end link -> 1/2" spacer -> bushing -> upper anchor -> collar -> washer -> spring washer -> collars -> toothed lock washer.


Box Label

C-Pillar Bar

End links


Super Handling front wheel drive