M2 Performance RSX Type-S Test Pipe
M2 Performance part number TP-028
Test pipe fits all 02-06 Acura RSX Type-S. Labeled as M2 Performance, a discontinued brand of Megan Racing.

The front oxygen sensor bung has barely enough slack to be safely installed and the rear bung points into the heat shield. Luckily the Tsudo CEL fix took care of that issue.
An extra set of exhaust springs were cut and used to install back onto the donut flange.
The test pipe makes a hissing sound like an exhaust leak. There were no leaks and the sound is likely caused by changing from the stock double wall catted pipe to the single wall straight through pipe.


Test Pipe Pictures

Oxygen sensor bung and plug

Exhaust hanger foam and welding

The 3 bolt flange has the typical China exhaust machining marks.

Donut gasket flange and reinforcement

Standard high temperature 3 bolt exhaust gasket

8.8 zinc plated (possibly just gold colored) bolts, washers, and nuts

Tsudo CEL fix, obtained separately

Stock cat

Stock cat removed

Test pipe mounted

Beautiful clearance on the secondary oxygen sensor, right into the heat shield

Test pipe installed with the oxygen sensors and CEL fix

Had to move the primary oxygen sensor retainer a little bit further back

With the thicker flange the exhaust springs were in coil bind, so new washers and bolts were used temporarily

Cut some extra springs to fit and resused the stock bolts. The new ones were just a hair short of coil bind.

VTEC pressure release