Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel, Exedy Clutch Kit, 60A Urethane Filled Driver Side and Rear Motor Mounts
Installed Fidanza 8 pound aluminum flywheel, Exedy OEM replacement clutch, and two 60A urethane filled motor mounts.
First try at it so there are not many installation pictures.
60A mounts increased vibration at idle but still acceptable. Will also be filling the front mount with 60A. I would not go higher if the car is mainly streeted.
The flywheel made the engine feel lighter and more accurate. Rev-matching, shifting, and heel-toe all had to be adjusted and I have to be a bit more careful on engagement now. The clutch is OEM replacement so it is still manageable.

Exedy KHC10 clutch kit includes a HCC539 pressure plate, HCC539 clutch disc, throwout bearing, pilot bushing, clutch alignment tool, grease, and some paperwork with stickers.
Findanza 191471 8 pound aluminum flywheel includes the flywheel presassembled with steel friction surface, dowel pins, medium grade bearing & shaft retainer, and instructions/guidelines with decal.
60A urethane filled driver side and rear motor mounts. Filled with liquid urethane available from Energy Suspension Parts or McMaster-Carr. They both sell the one pound kit made by Forsch Polymer Corp. Tape off one side of the mount, pour it in, and wait for it to harden.

Clutch kit


Dowel pins go on the smaller radius holes

Driver side mount

Rear mount

Transmission out

Broken clutch spring housing. Clutch dust everywhere

Stock flywheel

Used an alternator bracket with an assortment of nuts/washers to lock the flywheel for removal

Flywheel installed

Forgot the rest

strong vtec holding