RSX Type-S CXRacing Intake Pipe and K&N Filter
Built the ultimate warm air intake by rigging on a CXRacing Long Tube Intake Pipe with K&N RE-0910 universal air filter.
Pipe without filter came with a 2.75" T-bolt clamp, 3" T-bolt clamp, clamp-on mounting bracket for intake, 45* 2.75" to 3" 4-ply silicone elbow, and aluminum pipe. K&N filter was ordered separately.
Additional parts needed: smaller hose for the PCV (pictured in blue, reused stock clamps), worm gear clamp for the mounting bracket, extra 8mm bolt/nut and 3/8 bolt/nuts/washers
With the larger filter the mounting bracket could not be clamped near the fuse box so a stud was made by welding the 8mm and 3/8 bolts together.

i-VTEC crossover