Carbing Front Lower Brace
Carbing 6 point front lower brace aka lower arm bar. Fits all years 02-06 RSX.
The brace sandwiches between the front lower control arm bolts, subframe rear bolts, and frame rail bolts.
Improved turn in response and cornering stability were very obvious. Understeer increased but was more manageable because of the increased rigidity.
Ground clearance will definitely be an issue on lowered cars.

The six point design is unique to Carbing and D3. Carbing uses a retangular design, while D3 uses a dual X design. Both box off the whole front portion of the chassis at the same point. D3 has slightly better ground clearance since the X design doesn't require a bend to clear rear section of the catalytic converter pipe.
I assume it is more effective than the very common rectangular four point FLCA to subframe braces which simply brace the subframe to itself.

Top and bottom of the brace

Carbing plaque and engraving

Stickers to keep the elements out


Unfasten bolts
19mm front lower control arm
17mm subframe
12mm frame rail

Clean up the mating surfaces with some brake cleaner
The rear of the subframe will dip but not enough to cause the bolt to be misaligned

Bolt on
Had to use an impact gun and upward pressure to force the lower control arm bolts to line back up

Installed bottom front

Install bottom rear

Installed front

Installed rear

Ground clearance

it's rigid