Aluminum Shifter Base Bushings
Installed the cheapest generic aluminum shifter bushings available on eBay ($9.95 shipped). A very easy to install and cheap mod.
Cleans up shifting that little bit more when combined with Hybrid Racing shifter cable bushings.

Pictures of the aluminum bushings

Remove stock shifter

Pull from the front of the center garnish to pop it off and continuing working your way down. (6 clips totals. 2 on each side of the front, middle, and rear of the center garnish)

Stock mounting. The lazy, and probably more frustrating, route was taken.
Unfasten all bolts, lift shifter, slide the metal sleeve down and out (stock bushings pictured below), then press each stock rubber bushing out with a screw driver.

Installed. Raise the shifter and put the bushings underneath, with the lip facing up.
The second four bushings will go in with the lip facing down, locking the shifter in place.

Top of the stock bushings


With the sleeve removed

So shifty