Super duper cheapz shift extender mod
Possible may VTEC require increase of the strong leverageŠ
Improves shift fork breakage by 100%!

Will work with any stock threaded T-45 / T-5 shifter. Not sure for other transmissions

Parts required:
Mcmaster part# 93355A115 Metric Class 5.8 Zinc-Pltd Steel Coupling Nut M12 Screw Sz, 1.75mm Pitch, 38mm Length, 16mm Width
Mcmaster part# 90725A725 Metric Zinc-Plated Steel Heavy Hex Nut Class 8, M12 Screw Sz, 1.75mm Pitch, 19mm W, 12mm H
M12x1.75 threaded rod (I used some random bellhousing bolts and had them welded together)