Header panel headlight tab repair
My second hand craigslist header panel had one of the alignment tabs cracked off. So much for "never been in an accident".
Used J-B Stik (basically the putty version of J-B Weld), some flat plates, and a dremel to fix

The passenger side broken tab. Luckily there was at least a little material left to grab onto. Just used some rubbing alcohol to clean up the surface a bit. Rough sanding, scoring, and/or drilling a hole in the broken tab will help with stability (oops lazy).

The driver side tab (unbroken)

Luckily I had a 304 sheet handy. Five Dremel cutoff wheels later, I had some plates to sandwich the J-B Stik between. The sheet came with film over both sides which prevented the J-B from sticking to the metal.

Popped off the plates

After some Dremel-ing

headers panel? +30hp