Tailshaft swap (96-98 Mustang GT / Cobra)

The shift fork broke after trying to shift supa-fast for the first time with my JDM shift extender.
Pulled the trans, got a 96-98 Cobra replacement. The only issue is the crossmember mounts don't match, so the tailshafts had to be swapped.
My 96 trans had "Borg Warner" stamped on the top of the bellhousing.
The Cobra trans had "Tremec" stamped on the top of the bellhousing, so it was probably from a 96-98 Cobra.
Different company, same cheap / crappy T-45 design. Keeping the American tradition©.
BTW 99+ T-45 or T-3650 have an electronic speedo, so an "Extended Range Speedcal" will be needed to get the correct output for the 96-98 ECU/cluster.

First the pin next to the plastic cup holding the shifter shaft needs to be hammered out.
A 5/32" hex / allen tool worked perfectly.

Then remove all the tailhousing bolts and pull it off.
There is a gap on the upper driver's side of the trans to pry with a screwdriver or pry bar.

Then swap the speedo sensors.
GT comes with an 8 tooth speedo gear. Cobra comes with a 7 tooth.

Picture of the old trans. Fluid was nice and metallic.

Clean off the old gasket material with a scraper and brake cleaner.
Apply some gasket maker. I guess you're supposed to use the black one but I used the copper.

Installed ROFL

Differences in rear mount distance.
Cobra top, GT bottom.

Cobra right, GT left.