94-98 Mustang Depo Black Projector Headlights and Corners

Depo Headlight part 330-1120PXAS2
Depo Corner part 330-1120PXAS2

Now new headlights since some drunk decided my parked car would be a nice way to test his truck's crashing ability.
The headlights come in a 9006 low beam and 9005 high beam configuration. The housing is black but has a tacky chrome ring around the projector lens. Although I wasn't expecting anything good for beam pattern, the Depo lights are significantly better than the bottom-dollar ebay special headlights which usually use an H1 / H3 bulb combination. H1 / H3 bulbs are basically fog lights bulbs which have an extremely narrow beam and are even worse than stock headlights (yes I tried, omg).
A 9007 adapter harness is also included, with a 30 amp relay and fuse for each side (good for swapping to HID). A surprise plus was the addition of a diode between the high beam and low beam wires, which keeps low beams on even when you have the high beam locked to "on". It also includes Philips bulbs for plug-and-play installation.
As with all aftermarket headlights, I re-sealed the edges with clear silicone to reduce the chance of it leaking. There are some very small paint chips on the black finish upon close inspection (difficult to take a picture of).
The beam pattern is not bad for an aftermarket projector (pictures below). Yea yea retrofit some TSX projectors.

Back of corner lens

Bottom of corner lens with part number / barcode

The box


SAE/DOT Compliance Card - I'm sure the police will love that these headlights will excite my senses


Bottom of headlight with part number / barcode

Headlight harness

Wiring diagram for headlight harness - the Engrish is strong

Installed - goddamn ricers

Low beam pattern with VVME 55W 4300K HID conversion

Both low and high beam pattern with VVME 55W 4300K HID conversion