Aluminum flywheel OH?

I guess the economy's bad or something.
Ordered a "deal" for a Fidanza Flywheel #186461 off ampperformance on eBay. I've purchased from him before, but when I opened the package I was greeted with an "AMP Performance" box and a flywheel that looked like a Fidanza flywheel.
A copy of AMP's eBay listing, invoice, and his "reason" for sending me an AMP instead of a Fidanza flywheel shown below.
Basically pulling the typical bait-and-switch scam and tried to get me to keep it. It doesn't matter that the flywheel is used on a 99999hp car and they're in some magazine. At that point I didn't even care if it was the exact same thing as the Fidanza. Tom @ AMP was at least halfway honest and still setup a UPS pickup on his dime. No more AMP for me, though.

Ordered a "real" Fidanza 186461 from a more reliable seller, gripforce-clutches, on eBay.
If you're looking for the cheapest, get the "F1 Racing" Aluminum flywheel from gripforce instead. The guy at gripforce couldn't say it was the same manufacturer, just that it was the exact same design. No guarantees then, lolz.

There are a few differences between the flywheels
-AMP flywheel machining is a little more rough on the friction plate
-AMP flywheel uses nylock insert nuts to help hold the friction plate on
-AMP comes with four allen heads and split washers for the pressure plate
-AMP pressure plate dowels are pre-installed, Fidanza dowels comes in a separate bag
-Fidanza comes with a small tube of red Loctite.
-The ring gear on the Findanza flywheel is coated black, whereas the AMP performance one is yellow (zinc plated?)
-Both have the SFI sticker applied to the flywheel

Both flywheel finishes are exactly as pictured out of the box. It seems there are a lot of random scratches on both brands


Click for Supa size pictures

AMP Performance Fidanza

New parts:
FMS-M-6379-B - flywheel bolts
FMS-M-7600-B - pilot bearing

I rented the pilot bearing removal tool and slide hammer combo from Autozone for free. The removal tool expands and hammers the bearing out with the slide hammer.
The inner bearing stopped the puller from grabbing the whole assembly, so I had to hammer out one at a time.
The automatic flexplate->crank bolts were used on the stock flywheel (bad idea). The automatic bolts are too short which caused the first few threads to stretch once torqued to spec.
I stripped two of the new (longer) bolts when trying to install, and had to drill out two of the holes with a 3/8" drill bit to get to the good threads.
Put some blue loc-tite for peace of mind, gg!