Lotsa problems with Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86. lolz

New DD. Vehicle has been repurchased by Toyota after filing a dispute through the California Dispute Settlement Program (CDSP). Good luck to the FR-S / BRZ / GT86 owners out there! I'm sure it'll be worth it, especially after the warranty ends! Maybe I'll get another one once all the paying beta testers find out all the flaws for Toyota/Subaru.
I would be VERY wary about buying any used FR-S within the next few years. At the current pace it will probably take Toyota/Subaru another 2-3 model years to make a refined and reliable version of the FR-S/BRZ/GT86. This whole debacle has also shown what a truly terrible company Subaru is. Toyota seems to at least be trying (it's difficult to succeed with a car full of design/manufacturing defects) to maintain a good reputation by repairing or investigating issues and issuing TSBs. Subaru does little to nothing to help the customer and consistently claims there is no issue or flat out denying warranty coverage, even at the corporate level. It's sad that even at a price price premium relative to the FR-S, you just have to pray you don't have any problems. As another ft86club member wrote: "Subaru - cars sold as is".

My log of Subaru first year quality. VIN 7065XX. BRZ has these issues and even more since it has the extra bells and whistles such as keyless start intermittently not working (lolz), bad GPS signal, blown interior lighting (BIU) computers, etc. I have no firsthand experience with those.
From the various threads, many of these issues are still occurring on recent production date vehicles with no end in sight. Scion / Subaru / Toyota are not acknowledging many of the reported issues and are coming back with "it's normal" to many complaints.
Some mileages are approximations. List is of the first occurence unless noted.

Mileage Description FT86Club.com link
NEW Transmission is notchy in lower gears. Have to jam transmission into second gear when cold. Grindy Mustang race-car-shifting T-45 transmission shifts better than this 2nd Gear Syncro Problem
NEW Auto-up and down driver's side control for passenger side window does not work consistently. Subaru says it is normal operation. Passenger's Auto Window Scroll
First tank refill Loud squeaking "crickets" noise after warm up. Attributed to ethanol in US gas. Engine idle chirping (cricket) noise poll.

TSB is out (TSB) No More Crickets Under My Hood!!
800 Hunting idle 400-1000RPM after coming to a stop. Did not stop until gassed / started moving again. Has not happened again. Idle issue?
1000+ Noticeable rattling at high RPM Audible shifter rattle

TSB is out Audible shifter rattle
1200 Getting random idle dips after coming to a stop. Idle issue?
1500 Started having loud marbles-in-a-can rattling when RPM is low, usually with clutch in and engine has just revved down. Probably linked to the 800/1200 mile idle issue.
The worst time, with clutch in and rolling around 25mph, the engine had trouble recovering and was rattling for about 5 seconds.
No related thread
2000 Rear decklid clicks/snaps on certain bumps. Rear Deck "popping/clicking/tapping/ticking" noise.
2200 Engine has a slight misfire when cold. No related thread
2235 Passenger side window auto-up squeaking when door closes. Windows Squeaking
2565 Came to a stop and the engine began a very harsh hunting / stumbling. The earlier "one time" idle issue was a very smooth hunting up and down, but this time the engine was very unstable. Felt like an old V8 and was rocking the car. It could not recover until giving it gas to move it. I would not be surprised if the check engine light comes soon... Idle issue?
2612 As expected, CEL turned on after a few more drive cycles. The light was on at startup 10 miles before this but couldn't take a picture. The car is now in limp mode - no acceleration or traction control.
Unofficial - CEL/SL/Idle Issue List for FR-S/BRZ Owners
2686 Got the car back with a new ECU (and an extra 15 miles on the odometer) after 19 days in the shop.
No CEL anymore but RPM still randomly dips at idle and the car rocked (felt like a rough misfire) within the first 10 minutes of driving it.
The free dealship machine car wash put nice swirl marks all over the car.
CEL returns after latest re flash
2686 Car RPM stabilized (relatively) after a few drives on the new ECU. Still getting a slight misfire at idle when warm.
xxxx On a LOLZ note, there is a second FR-S owner posting catastrophic engine failure after CEL turned on and "repair" was done. The first one got a brand new car. CEL - Engine Blown!!!!!!!
xxxx btw fail
engine #3

engine #4
Raven down! Mechanical failure :(

Unofficial - CEL/SL/Idle Issue List for FR-S/BRZ Owners (post #1683)
~4000 Car just dipped at idle coming to a stop after ~1300 miles since ECU replacement.
Cold engine misfire is becoming more and more pronounced.

Wrap up of existing issues:
Rear metal decklick cracking is progressively getting worse. Easily reproducible on left turns now. Techs can't reproduce, but they can put 15 miles on the car for you though.
Both sides windows randomly squeak when opening/closing.
Still rattling at high RPM.
Fuel pump crickets hasn't been fixed. Dealer says parts are on backorder.
Transmission still notchy and needs to be jammed into second gear when cold.
Links: see above
4484 Rear decklid repaired after it began cracking all the time (driving, speed bumps, turning, etc). "Adjusted" clearance of pinchwelds (the fix is literally hammering the welds down) and added grease. Cracking sound is gone.
The official "repair" instructions on this TSB: 12-140-12_Rear_Deck_Popping.pdf
Translation: hammer and spray grease on the area to cover up the problem until the warranty period is over.
NOTE: This issue is reportedly still occurring on new production cars!!
Rear Deck "popping/clicking/tapping/ticking" noise.
6476 Got first oil change at Power Toyota Cerritos.
Flashed ECU per recall (different issue than idling problem).
Cerritos (where I bought the car) put a small dent near the front of the hood. This is the same place where another forum member got an oil change and they didn't change the oil filter. Should've known better.
Mentioned the chirping problem to Cerritos Power Toyota service advisor Alejandro Perez. He refused to replace the fuel pump even though there was already a TSB released for it. "We're not going to replace it until you receive a recall campaign letter in the mail from Scion". Took it to Longo Toyota and I got it fixed exactly a week after.
Open recall on Scion FRS.

Bad experience while getting my car service
7261 High pressure fuel pump replaced at Longo Toyota. Chirping noise is gone now. (TSB) No More Crickets Under My Hood!!
~7500 The rear decklid cracking sound is slowly returning. Started as very faint intermittent pops, now happening more often and making a noticable crack.

Side note: Was told Longo had two FR-S with blown engines. Both were caused by top end (head / cam) problems.
Rear Deck "popping/clicking/tapping/ticking" noise.
~8000 Noticed the fuel pump is chirping again (TSB) No More Crickets Under My Hood!!
~9700 Decklid cracking happens often on bumpy pavement now. Expecting the same progression as previous repair and should become warranty-able soon. Rear Deck "popping/clicking/tapping/ticking" noise.
9823 Second fuel pump replacement by Longo Toyota. Replaced with newer production date model. (TSB) No More Crickets Under My Hood!!
10570 Chirps came back shortly after the second replacement. Went back, looks like Toyota has given up on it. The volume of the squeaking is about the same, but now it is considered "normal".
(TSB) No More Crickets Under My Hood!!
11000+ The rear decklid cracking sound has turned into a flexing / creaking noise when the chassis is stressed, such as on a driveway or diagonal on a ramp. Rear Deck "popping/clicking/tapping/ticking" noise.
xxxxx Forum member's engine blew up, likely from bad factory tune / programming (THIS PROBLEM AFFECTS ALL GT86, FR-S, and BRZ). Warranty refused, lolz
The engine has a poorly tuned tip-in timing map, causing detonation when you mash the throttle. This is regardless if it's during shifts or already in gear.
On the other hand, I slapped a Greddy turbo kit on a beat up 100K+ mile old Civic engine, abused it for ANOTHER 100K+ miles and had no issues. VTEC.

just had to do it
Has anyone had a warranty claim denied? Seized engine!

poor factory tune: 86 Software Update
12577 Second oil change done at Culver City Toyota. Another fuel pump is on order. (TSB) No More Crickets Under My Hood!!
12601 Fuel pump replaced but intermittent chirping was back after about 150 miles. Original, full strength chirping returned after about 300 miles (since replacement).
Related forum thread is 44 pages long now with no solution so far. All FR-S, BRZ, and GT86 have this issue.
(TSB) No More Crickets Under My Hood!!
12623-12713 Check engine light turned on. Code was P0351 from bad ignition coil. It seems to be occurring on this cylinder only. Speculation (no other info available) says the engine gets hotter in this cylinder so the ignition coil fails.
Car sat at the dealership for five days while the part was on backorder with Scion / Toyota / Subaru.

CEL P0351 Ignition Coil "A" Primary Control Circuit/Open
13xxx Car is now making a squeaking noise when actuating the clutch pedal. It is loudest at the lower half of the pedal motion. It's possible there isn't enough grease on the release arm and pivot ball, but who knows? No related thread
13xxx When turning at low speeds in either direction, something makes a cracking sound. I suspect the steering rack, but a forum member reports a dealership found the front subframe bolts backing out. I impacted all the bolts bolts down but the creaking remains. Steering Column Creak
13433 Shifter replaced at Marina Del Rey Toyota because of rattling.
Mentioned the fuel pump issue again. I was told to wait for a response.
(TSB) No More Crickets Under My Hood!!

Audible shifter rattle

TSB is out Audible shifter rattle
13434 They jacked up the shifter replacement. The bushing wasn't seated correctly on the pivot and the reverse lockout had been jammed open.
The advisor casually mentioned they had never fixed this issue before. THANKS. Car was out of service for six days.
Audible shifter rattle
TSB is out Audible shifter rattle
13522 Submitted dispute paperwork to the California Dispute Settlement Program (CDSP) for the repurchase of vehicle under the California Lemon Law.
14192 The axles on the car have are now clicking very loudly on acceleration or deceleration. The sound was always there but has gotten to the point where it can't be "normal". The axle nuts were replaced and tightened to 200lbft. The sound came back louder and worse about 100 miles after. This is a precursor to axle failure. Failure pictures and symptoms in forum threads.
transmission or diferential peoblem? CLICK/TICK

"click" sound only when throttle is engaged, and dis-engaged AT
15890 The same CEL is back on the new ignition coil. This is exactly 3177 miles on the new ignition coil. More people are having the issue pop up now (see threads). Cylinder 'A' seems to be more prone to failure, but it is happening on other cylinders. Toyota / Subaru must've gotten a hell of a deal on these trash ignition coils.

CEL P0351 Ignition Coil "A" Primary Control Circuit/Open

Code P0351 Trouble shooting?
16504 Vehicle surrendered to Toyota at Marina Del Rey Toyota after 435 days of ownership. Bye bye.
I did not use a lemon law attorney since the process is very straightforward. As an alternative, there are many law offices that are paid only if they win (they charge all fees to the manufacturer). State laws will vary for this though.

At the time of repurchase I was at 39 days out of service and 5 repair attempts for the same issue (high pressure fuel pump).
The repurchase payment included all fees paid at purchase, taxes, first year's registration, and all interest. A mileage offset of about ~$550 dollars was deducted from the repurchase total, based on the first first dealership visit at around 2500 miles.

Here are some useful links for those interested:
Lemon-Aid for Consumers [pdf] - Quick break down as what qualifies as a lemon and your options. If your car qualifies under the lemon law presumption, the manufacturer has a more uphill battle to prove otherwise. I was at
CDSP (California Dispute Settlement Program)
NCDS (National Center for Dispute Settlement) - NCDS administers the CDSP

xxxxx Remember this car is BRAND NEW. Imagine buying a used one 5-10 years from now. LOLOLLLLLLLOLLOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

2013-2014 issues summary:
-Oil leaking from passenger side (manual transmission) Oil Leaking??
-Still reports of condensation in taillights, even for 2014 models
-Fuel pump chirping (Supposedly third revision now, not fixed. The sound lets everyone know the car is just a lowered Impreza shitbox with nice looking, loosely fitting body panels)
-Transmission notchy, grinding into 4th and 5th gears appears to be common(Toyota is barely starting to investigate, Subaru is denying warranty coverage since shifting above 4000RPM is not "typical" use)
-Ignition coil failures (Just started to show up more often in late 2013, no official resolution)
-Axle clicking / failures (If your car is lowered your warranty doesn't cover it, even though it happens on stock suspension)
-Shifter rattle (Toyota TSB doesn't actually fix it. Subaru's official response is 4000+RPM is not "typical" operating range so there's nothing to fix)
-Idle dips when A/C is on (Considered "normal". This engine is terribly rough/unstable compared to "regular" cars)
-Dashboard and driver's door rattling / squeaking (All "normal". When you have engines blowing up these aren't really a big deal anymore)
-Still some reports of rear decklid cracking (Chassis design/manufacturing issue?)
-Direct injection seal failures (Most report that dealers refuse to fix this since there is no Check Engine Light or other major symptom. The trash factory tune causes detontation during throttle tip-in which causes the direct injector seals to burn up. This leads to a lean condition which could eventually lead to engine damage. People are buying new seals, replacing the seals themselves, then getting aftermarket warranty-voiding ECU retunes to fix it)
-Windows squeaking and water leaking into the door causing rust (pictures 1 2)
-Two large streaks down center of the window from the guide pads for that refined, luxurious look (pictures 1)
-Weatherstrip deforming, cracking, and drying out (pictures 1 2 3 4 5 mainly around the hood and door frame).
-Dashboard warping when parked outside (pictures 1 2 3 4 5 pulled from thread Rubber dash coming up
Tail Light Condensation

dat VVTI